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Ads targeted at men are all-too-often just as stupid as the ones targeted at women. And the stupidity comes from their obvious preying on our deepest insecurities. Whereas with women’s ads it always seems to be about “how desirable to men you’ll be if you use our product”, men’s ads are all about proving your worth as a person by proving your worth as a man….by avoiding the feminine at all fucking costs!!!1!!1!

Seriously, advertisements are annoying shits that just perpetuate the already established stupidity in our society. Women are obviously much more than what they are in relation to men, but you wouldn’t know that if you were raised in Advertisement Land. Likewise, men can and should not have to feel uncomfortable when expressing a thought, opinion, or action that doesn’t fit the masculine ideal, but in Advertisement Land they will literally ostracize you and take away your “Man Card” (apparently that’s a thing now, I don’t know).

No, stupid-ass ad: my dad was not metrosexual. But I’ll be metrosexual if I damn well please. Your weird, Freudian-Oedipal, “I must measure up to my dad” thing is getting old; I’m tired of dude-bro hyper-masculine culture, I’m tired of Nice Guy™ culture, and I’m tired of “‘gay’ and ‘pussy’ as insults” culture. Stop it.

I want to clarify: there’s obviously nothing wrong with masculinity. It may sound like I’m bashing it especially, but I’m really just pissed at hyper-masculinity that sees the feminine as scary or inferior. Truth is, masculinity and femininity are two sides of a coin of humanity (and even then humanity has more than one kind of coin anyway), and we have each in varying doses. We need to stop placing an emphasis on a “right” way to express gender and just start accepting people as they are.

So to anyone out there who doesn’t fit the “ideal” that their culture has laid out for them, you’re not alone. Remember that you’re awesome just the way you are; remember that others don’t get to decide your self-worth; remember that while you’re gonna find intolerant drivel like these ads throughout the world, there’s plenty of good on this planet as well; and  finally, remember that while we all are individuals, we’re also endlessly interconnected, all part of a beautiful whole. Keep in mind that these ads and people who espouse similar garbage are just trying to divide because they themselves are usually not comfortable with who they are; why else would that die-hard projection of “every man must fit the masculine ideal” exist? It’s competition and division you don’t have to buy into, and believe me, you’re likely to end up much happier in the long run once you realize there’s more to life.

We are all one. Pay it forward. Peace

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